The most powerful SUV

The original HUMMER was a vehicle designed specifically for military use, but thanks to Hollywood and sports stars who thought it would be a good idea to handle such a monster on the street, the H1 became famous and created a brand of commercial vehicles.

H1 has a turbocharger to increase the performance engine. The engine of 6.6 liters and runs on diesel fuel and generates 300 horsepower at 3000 RPM. The engine of the H1 creates a huge amount of torque, reaching a maximum of 520 foot-pounds at 1,500 RPM. The engine comes in a V8 configuration and contains 32 valves in total. The inside diameter of the cylinder measures 4.06 inches and the stroke 3.9 inches. Engine compression ratio is high at 17.5: 1. The H1 comes with a five-speed automatic transmission.


Power and presence

Power has always been a promise in Porsche. In the 911 Turbo S is met bluntly: with a 6-cylinder and 3.8-liter twin-cylinder boxer engine, which has a turbocharger even larger than the 911 Turbo. Its power: 427 kW (580 HP). Maximum torque: 750 Nm. A dizzying 2.9 seconds is enough to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h. And it only needs 9.9 s to reach 200 km / h. Maximum speed: 330 km / h.

On the inside, the adaptable Plus sports seats offer, in addition to high comfort, a significantly greater lateral support for sporty driving. The structures of the seat backrests are covered in leather.
A two-tone leather or leather equipment in special color are available as standard, as are the interior carbon trim.


Business executive

Its mission: to establish new standards. The BMW 5 Series is the epitome of the modern business saloon. Thanks to its dynamic and simultaneously elegant appearance, it satisfies convincingly the expectations that are placed today in a vehicle of its class: aesthetic athletics and driving pleasure with cutting-edge technology.

Even when standing still, the BMW 5 Series creates a strong impression. The low roofline that leans back lends the muscular body an elegant coupe-like silhouette. And the wide rear emphasizes the high-performance capability of the BMW 5 Series.



Mercedes Benz

Greatness and dynamism

The new S-Class does not go unnoticed. Its exterior design combines elegant distinction with sporty elegance. The suggestive character line, the radiator grille with three-dimensional configuration and innovative headlamps and LED backlights highlight the high-tech nature of the S-Class and underline, in an optical way, its leadership among saloons around the world. world.

The atmosphere in the generous cabin is ideal to feel comfortable, relax and work concentrated. Its harmonious combination of materials and colors underlines the design unit of the exclusive interior. The precise finishing of all the elements and surfaces of high quality transmit an artisan aura and attract the looks.