Santa Elena is a unique Stay that combines luxury accommodation with natural beauty, impressive
gardens with productive agricultural, livestock and forestry fields. With a special charm from its gardens, parks and buildings, is located in Lujan near the river of the same name, this majestic Estancia del Siglo XX with its history of family place with a rich and varied productive activity of livestock, agriculture, afforestation, cottage, farms, nursery, fifth horticulture.


At only 75 km. by Highway of the city of Buenos Aires and 8 km. of the Basilica of Luján.
Access is mainly by Motorways: the West Access (National Route 7) and Luján-Mercedes Freeway (National Route 5).
Until the entrance gate to the property is reached by asphalt.

Surface: 877 ha

Fitness: Multiple destinations makes it suitable for a wide range of alternatives, both lifestyle (Argentine lifestyle), productive agricultural / livestock intensive and extensive, forestry, urban developments, tourism developments with hotel services, leisure, recreational, social and business events.

Description in Infrastructure and Improvements:

Main house:
Built in 1943, designed by Dutch architect Van Brant, it resembles an Anglo-Norman castle. It is located on a small hill, which privileges the view of the surrounding gardens and at the same time offers a splendid view of the house observed from the field.
The construction was made with the best materials available, to be elegant, but not pretentious, and to be able to withstand the passage of time. All the floors, ceilings, stairs and ornaments were made of hard wood and are in excellent condition.

The lower level (basement) of 565 m2 is very bright and well ventilated because in the design of the house was included “dug out” that surrounds the entire back of this level. In it are the kitchen, before kitchen, cold room, warehouse, warehouses, changing rooms, cellar, laundry, service bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, gas tank, electrical panel.

The ground floor 870 m2 for various social activities has an entrance hall and reception and three rooms connected to each other that look to the large terrace (329 m2) from which you can access the deer park, ideal for meetings and Enjoy the incredible sunsets over the fields and forests. There is the apartment for guests with their room. ppal, living room and a private kitchen.
Also dining room of the minors and 2 toilets.

The upper floor 500 m2 has 15 rooms, among which are the master suite (120 m2) and consists of a 40m2 bedroom with fireplace, a bathroom and an antechamber. In addition to a separate private desk and library.
Finally the attic 385 m2 with 2 additional bedrooms, bathroom and offers the best views of the countryside. Chapel: It was built around ancient casuarinas, araucarias and bushes, less than 100 meters from the entrance of the Main House. Designed in Art Nouveau style, its extraordinary stained glass windows, made by the renowned Slovak architect, artist and writer, Ronsky, stand out. It has capacity for 50 people and complies with the necessary authorizations to hold religious ceremonies.

Stable and Deposit: Solid brick construction of 2 levels of approx. 200 m2 each, whose entrance door to the “Hall of the Stables” is a large horseshoe. The other room is the carriages, monturero, large paved courtyard, palenques and horse pens. Office and bathroom on the upper level.


It has 14 hectares of strategically designed gardens around the Main House, plants and trees brought from different parts of the world were incorporated over the years. The gardens are crossed by 2 kilometers of winding gravel paths.
The Great House marks the meeting point of two different types of park.

The northern one of an exquisite forest density and the one of the south on a inclined natural meadow, inhabited by deer and delimited in the line of the horizon by leafy forests of more than 300 varieties of trees. Another unique feature of the gardens are its “roundabouts”. These are circular spaces, open and slightly raised, with metallic vault structures covered by wisteria and other varieties of flowering plants. They are ideal spots for roasts since they provide a naturally fresh shade.

Just a few meters from the Main House and hidden by a small dense forest, you will find the brick dust tennis court.
One of the favorite places to receive the guests is the southern meadow of the Main House, from where you can contemplate the sunset in the immensity of the field, moment that is accompanied by the murmur of the water that flows through the stones of the cutwater.
Swimming pool. Located at a reasonable distance from the main house with the idea of ​​not disturbing the tranquility and silence. Semi Olympic measures of 25 x 12.5 meters. Small villa 60 m2 changing rooms and toilette for ladies and gentlemen and an open lounge area.
Viewpoints: They are strategically located to contemplate the gardens, fields and animals.


The approximately 400 hectares of forests that Santa Elena has, which harmoniously combined between more than 300 local and foreign species of trees, areas with exotic species that form a park and other commercial and scenic afforestation. It has a system of seven interconnected lagoons. These lagoons are one of the highlights of Santa Elena and provide an impressive landscape, especially in autumn when the colors are at their peak.

The Luján River, silent, quiet and meandering rapidly, is really one of the cornerstones of Santa Elena’s history of life and progress. It is a source of entertainment, leisure, beauty and the base of the surrounding ecosystem.
This eastern border stretches more than 5 kilometers and reaches the lagoon system area. The river is navigational and has a tendency for all kinds of aquatic and recreational activities.


Santa Elena is a unique Estancia, with more than 400 varieties of trees and six lagoons designed in the forest reserve, forming an ecosystem of incalculable beauty through its fields, gardens and landscaping.
Currently the estancia has areas for agriculture, afforestation, cattle and sheep farming.



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