A scenic boulevard delineated by plane trees leads to the remarkably original construction, built at the end of the 20th century and completely renovated in 2006. This 1,600m2 (17,222ft2) house was built by the prominent Estrugamou family. “Palacio de Las Pampas”, as they named it, was the product of the vision of an acclaimed French architect, who used materials directly imported from his native land.

Between the years 2001 and 2006 the house was completely restored, equipping it with modern facilities but always preserving its original style. The house has seven en suite bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a movie theater, a cellar, a music room, and a double height library. In addition, it has a large barbecue, a pool, guest house, employee house, and a large corral.
Amenities: Galpón Carruajes y Deposito, Organic Orchard, food laboratory, wood store.

Pulpería in Berdier, 2 km with fenced lot of 1.5 has, corral for horses and house with living room, kitchen, gallery, patio, matera and bathroom.



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