Attitude and versatility in the different Security and Protection services. Ability to plan smart strategies according to the specific situation and its context, designed by the Security Analysis Section for each particular case according to its real state, surrounding situation or intrinsic importance.

Quality and speed of decision in limited or conflicting situations. Capacity for the formation of Security Agents. Attitude of continuous improvement and updating in techniques and advanced technology created for safety. We have tools for your protection of the latest technology. We provide our vehicles with the best armoring in Argentina “RB3 plus by Armoring”, to ensure extreme safety and comfort in your transfer.

Staff with current registrations in the federal and metropolitan police, with legitimate weapons and competent authority to exercise their use. Thorough knowledge of the situation and level of crime in the region in which it operates. Authority to ensure the uniform subordination of personnel.

Personality that indicates security, responsibility, intelligence, dexterity and confidentiality. As we have considerable knowledge and experience in the operational aspects of security, this company has the necessary management tools to develop “Tapiz Rouge Elite private security S.R.L.” in the competitive picture of the business activity of the sector.