Hold on to curves: the sexiest and most feminine decoration

They provide depth, transmit a sense of movement and are capable of giving life to the interiors, thanks to their dynamism and character. Are you ready to be a victim of your spell?

Nobody or almost nobody can resist the power of curves. Fashion, too, although he loves them as one of the defining traits of real, real and uncomplicated women, who break stereotypes and opt for exuberant beauty – not necessarily an XL size – sexy and beautiful. Regarding trends, this season the flyers are worn, recreating exquisite volumes and unique garments. I said a win twice.

The ‘curves of happiness’

Undoubtedly, the curve is beautiful, but it is also free. It attracts us and it traps us in its rounded shapes and without edges, it makes us feel more at ease and in a protected environment. These qualities make us want it in our home, to shape our interiors and our life in general.

Decorar con curvas

Curvy passion

Exuberant, organic, beautiful and voluptuous, was removed from the decor with the rise of minimalism, but regains its power and its magic in the current interior design. Reminiscent of classical, Greek and Roman constructions, in modernism it finds an ally. Without forgetting, feng shui. This current finds that the curved forms provide softness, fluidity and movement, although it does not recommend abusing them either, since an excess could create restlessness and insecurity. The curve allows great geometric freedom, taking advantage of space, without losing centimeters in ‘dead holes’, modeling spaces that can hardly be cut at 90º angles.

Decorar con curvas

Architectural element

From the queen of the curve, the great Zaha Hadid, to the renowned architect, Héctor Ruiz Velázquez, have fallen to their charms. On the walls, they contribute to a greater sense of movement, adding dynamism to the rooms and encouraging visual communication. To complete the set, the lighting, especially indirect, helps to highlight the three-dimensional volumes, enhancing, in addition, that atmosphere. At the time of incorporating the furniture, you have to be careful with those of straight lines, trying in any case not to stick them to the wall, so as not to create a strong contrast. The ideal is to adapt the furniture to that shape or highlight the wall, leaving it ‘clean’ and turning it into a protagonist of the space.

Decorar con curvas

With curves and crazy

Because they have character, strength and a point of madness. Without forgetting its feminine character, that evokes the body of the woman, of the sensual and voluptuous woman. Different psychological studies on the concrete effect of the straight lines and curves of the furniture in the minds of the users have shown that the sinuous forms of the furniture provoke stimulation, happiness and relaxation, while the rectangular ones are related to the coldness and the desire of leave the room.

Decorar con curvas

Tremendously versatile, they allow you to create tracings, connect spaces or provide depth in those areas where you need it. In furniture – from tables and seats to luminaries or carpets – they provide a plus of softness and a feminine, sensual and not at all cheesy touch.

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